Our introduction week was perfect start before upcoming semester when our university will host around 65 exchange students from ten different countries. We introduced them our school and of course ESN and our section because most of our students are from non-european countries.

Also we have many plans for trips which we showed them. For example we are planning to visit Prague, Lipno lake, Linz and many other places. In the middle of week we introduced to our students something typical for Czech Republic and culture and they tried to eat beef sirloin and other Czech meals and drinks. After all, the beer was the best they said.

Of course we added some good party and we are very happy that we have so communicative students and we‘ve had lots of fun thanks to them.

They also liked our guided tour through the city and they really intersted in history of Czech Republic, especially 20th century. And of course we could not miss tour in Budvar brewery.

On Friday we took our students to Český Krumlov which was really perfect end of this such a great week.

And to have the best start of new semester we made an international diner which was so delicious.