ESN VŠTE Budweis is a student organization which was estabilshed during the year 2012 at Vysoká škola technická a ekonomická (The Institute of Technology and Business) in České Budějovice. 

In our short history we've gone through several development phases - from just a group of friends trying to help on our own, through being a part of our school's Student Union, all the way to being a separate organisation under the Erasmus Student Network.

Buddy VŠTE

Originally, there was only a small group of students who grouped up in order to do all the work with exchange students without any official support. They called themselves Buddy VŠTE.


As time moved on we grew, became more organised and we also discovered the ESN and became a part of it. The power of the network helped us develop even faster and brought in many fresh ideas. This is the time when we operated under the legal support of other students' organisation at our school and we felt that we needed to be a separate legal entity to bring more benefits to our section so we reformed, rebranded, and became what we are now.

ESN VŠTE Budweis

During the year 2014 we transformed into an official nonprofit organization and changed the name to fit with the official ESN naming policy. We also had a completely new logo made. It depicts one of the significant landmarks of our city and was made by an external artist, Michal Kruml

As of 2015 we strive to improve even further, participate in all the ESN projects and bring amazing experience to both local and exchange students.