Our section gets involved into SocialErasmus every semester. Together with our exchange students, we help to people, animals or environment. First day, we went to a shopping center to buy some food and toys for women and their children, who live in an asylum house.  After this shopping, we watched a movie about the lack of food in some corners of the world and then we discussed that topic.

After this successful day, we visited kindergarten which is situated in next to our university. We sang songs, danced and got back into our childhood. Also, our exchange students draw their country flags and children colored them. On Wednesday, students got time to clean their rooms and the best rooms won a prize. We hope it was a great motivation for cleaning in next months and we are happy, that students did it very conscientiously. Last day of our SocialErasmus week we visited Zoo Hluboká nad Vltavou, where we adopted a rabbit because rabbit is our sectional mascot. 

We are very happy and proud, that many our students got involved in this great project and we definitely made our world better.