Today has started a new semester for us and also for our new students. But there were long holidays for us between summer and winter semester. If you think we did nothing, you are wrong. In June we visited Olomouc where small National platform took place.  We are so happy to be there, because Venca, member of our section become Vice- president of ESN CZ! We are so proud of him. He is really hard worker and the best choice for this position.

During the same weekend, there was a Summer camp which took place in Lithuania. Message from our new SocialErasmus & activities coordinator Markéta is here: "From 22-25 of June, I had a chance to participate in Summer Camp 2017, which took place in Kaunas Lithuania. It was four amazing days with amazing people. There were a lot of things I can speak about, but my favorite one was probably workshops. We had four workshops. They were all awesome, but my favorite one was the one about Team. I find out how can teamwork and what can possibly happen if there are some problems in the team. It doesn‘t matter if I speak about program, workshops or place because everything was just perfectly prepared.  I have to say it was the best ESN event for me so far. It was the event where I realize that I wanna do even more things for my section. I find out that ESN isn‘t just about taking care of students or preparing events, it is also about meeting people who have the same passion like you. You can make friends all over the world and it doesn‘t matter how far they are because they will try to help you when you will need them. That‘s why I‘m proud and happy to be a member of ESN family!"

At the end of summer semester we elected the new board for the academical year 2017/2018 and of course, we needed to talk about upcoming semester and our activities. We had amazing kind of teambuilding and meeting at the beginning of July. We planned everything important, made great burgers by ourselves and went to trip together. We visited amazing Bohemian paradise together and so far we spent really amazing time together. 

As time flew, time for Train IT! came. This is absolutely amazing ESN event which has educative character. There were two blocks, one in Czech language (Communication Bootcamp) and one in English (Young leadership - Step up!). Message from our section president Valentýna is here: "I had a chance to take the English course and it was really perfect. We stayed in a very small village in a camp. Everyone was very friendly and we had such a perfect food during the whole weekend. I saw this as a big chance for me and my new board position. As president, I would love to be a good leader too, because it is very important for the whole section. Our teachers were absolutely amazing persons! They are originally from the Philippines and they´ve been living in the Czech Republic for two or three years. We were a mixe group of many countries and that was so interesting because it was mostly about discussion, opinions and giving advice. I am so happy I could participate in this wonderful event it gave me so much. One and the most important thing for me was that everyone has the same fear and everyone fights with same problems. We afraid of making mistakes, but it is normal to make it. We do not need to worry about everything and if we make a mistake it is also stepping forward for us. I brought home many perfect memories and new friends! In love with our ESN family!"

And hour holiday experiences ended in Slovakia where Czechoslovakia National platform took place. This time, near of the city Košice. It was an amazing weekend in the very beautiful city. We´ve never been to Košice before so we were happy to explore this city and it was such a nice surprise. The topic of this platform was "Back to Czechoslovakia - how we lived 25 years ago". During Saturday evening and night we dressed ourselves to nineties clothes and we also danced for music from nineties. We are very happy to be a part of this great cooperation between the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

And what now? After all these amazing moments we are fresh and ready to step into the new semester with positive energy and many goals.