As usual, there was a traditional get-to-know us event for new members of our ESN section. The event was for those who were interested in getting to know the whole organization, getting to know the other members, and motivating potential candidates to become more involved in the ESN. For the first time this year, the event was online through the ZOOM platform due to the world's pandemic.

The event was held on 26 and 27 March 2021 and each and every new member of any ESN organization could join. ESN CZ was presented, including opportunities for their further growth and possible membership in the organization, not only at local but also at national and transnational levels. All members also had the opportunity to get to know each other, as well as get to know the existing members of the ESN. The event was in English because of the participation of a foreign student, but if necessary, it was possible to speak Czech as well.

Candidates applied to the event using an online questionnaire, after which everyone has gotten an email confirming their participation, followed by another message with more information about the program. All changes and important information were also published on the Facebook page of this event. 

Because of the huge interest, the organizers decided to abandon their original plan, to organize a day-long event on Saturday, March 27, via the Zoom platform, and modified the program by adding to the original plan a voluntary program for the evening of March 26, where the new members could get to know each other, before the official start of the event. 
On Friday, the new members were able to participate in a program called "Speed-Friending", which took place on the Discord platform. Participants were randomly divided, every 10 minutes, into smaller groups in which people got to know each other. Friday's activity officially lasted around 2 hours, but anyone who wanted to stay, after the program was over, could talk to the other members. 

The main program took place on Saturday the 27th, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:55 p.m. (17:55). First, there was the opening word, after which there was another opportunity to meet the other new members, especially those who had not arrived on the evening program the previous day. The participants were then divided into two groups, where the agenda, the system, and the overall functioning of the ESN were presented to them. All these parts of the program were accompanied by presentations, interactive tasks, and games. After the morning part of the event, there was a break for lunch.

In the afternoon part of the program, the new members had the opportunity to get to know the leading members of the organization better, listen to their path to the ESN, and ask them any questions they might be interested in. This part was followed by a valuation of the event, feedback, and farewell. 

The official closing was followed by a two-hour dinner break, and from 8 p.m. (20:00) participants could join the Discord platform for an evening social program that included playing games and chatting with other members, including the event organizers.

Newbies Event Spring 2021, gave participants an idea of how ESN works, how and why to get involved, get a chance to get and develop their hard and soft skills and get to know other members. The event did that exemplary. All participants agreed that the event was very successful and motivated many to become more interested in the ESN and their further involvement with the organization