Took us a while but we've finally managed to pull this together. We're still missing some content but the IT guy is working really hard to do the whole thing right. Wish him luck he's going to need it.

Stuff that's missing at this point:

  • Exchange at VŠTE currently contains no data at all
  • Some of the partners' descriptions are not descriptive enough and do not represent the actual value of the partner.
  • Serious copywriters. Some of the articles posted at the website are playful placeholders, or not even that playful for that matter. We'll work on that in the future.
  • Skills to bring some unique design features to the website. That's not something we can fix quickly because it requires replacing our IT guy and he would probably take the website down in flames if we fired him on the spot. Point being, we really need some fresh ideas for our website - you got some? Please refer to this page.

That's about it. I need some sleep now...

The IT guy