Introduction week - a week full of various activities for new exchange students. Every semester we are preparing this amazing event and of course that this semester wasn´t an exception. We are collaborating with International relations office to make this week as good as it could be.


           On Monday we all gathered in a lecture hall for an opening speech. It was held by our President Zdeněk Hanzal and by Erasmus coordinator ms. Alzbeta Troupova. After few kind words we presented the most important things about our Institute and dormitory, some basic rules about studies and after a coffee break we talked about our organisation - who we are and what we do. Also we talked about ESNcard and how to use it. Before lunch we played some „get to know each other“ games. Lunch was prepared in our Institute´s cafeteria, so we wouldnt have to go far. In the afternoon we did a few necessary formalities as loging into the information system and so on. Later on we went to the city center for a guided tour made by our activites Lukas. We walked through the city and ended up in a pub with a cold pint of a beer.


           Tuesday started in the Budweiser Budvar brewery - the only place in the world where the real Budweiser is made. Students had a chance to go through the whole process of brewing and even taste a few kinds of beers that are made here. After the brewery visit we went for a lunch to the city center and since the weather was so nice we went to local park Stromovka to chill out and play some sports.


           Wednesday morning was about activities - Lukas held a presentation about what we can do during the whole semester. He also presented ESN project SocialErasmus and our section project Language Courses. In the afternoon we prepared something awesome for our students - an event called Get-to-know Czech! It was a Czech themed afternoon with presentations about The Czech Republic in general, about our history, culture, cuisine and famous people.  When the presentation were over, we moved to our cafeteria where we prepared typical Czech food and drinks. Everyone had a chance to try potato or garlic soup, fried chicken steak with potato salad or potato pancakes with a meat sauce. We also offered a beef and typical Czech alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. At night we went to the city for a Welcome party to our partner bar Stone´s and after that to a dance club.


           Thursday was a day of national presentations - all exchange student held a PPT about their country, city, university. In the evening we went to a sports bar where we played bowling and pool.


           For Friday, last day of IW, we prepared a great trip to city of Český Krumlov - one of the most visited places in The Czech Republic. Historical part of the city is under UNESCO heritage and you can feel the medieval spirit. We were guided through the city up to the castle and back, we had lunch and we had free time so everyone could have go to see what he wanted the most.


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