This post will contain the list of all the pages on this website along with short description of the content you'll be able to find there, along with a link (hopefully). 

Well, let's get to it.

  • News - That's self explanatory
  • ESN - this takes you to all the lovely people who take care of the incoming students at our school, in the Czech republic, or in the entire Europe. You can also find more information about the section's projects, its core values as well as some legal information.
  • Events - contain the upcoming events organized by ESN VŠTE Budweis
  • Exchange at VŠTE - contains some basic information about your stay in the Czech republic. For the local students, we also have reviews from the Czech students who were abroad before.
  • Partners - we would not be able to do all of this without support from the outside. As a non-profit ogranisation, we rely on our partners' support. This is where we list them all.
  • Přidej se k nám - a.k.a. Join us, this page is dedicated to all the volunteers who want to join us and help.

There will be more information and potentially more content coming soon, but we don't currently have the manpower to cover all this. Hey, maybe you want to join us and help.