How many pubs do you know in Budweis? Only Paradox and Stones? Cmon! Join us and get know much more of them!

Price? You pay for your drinks.


⭐⭐Form mixed teams (men + ladies) and visit all listed pub stations. in order as on the card as soon as possible. It's about a time!
⭐⭐Every pub station is counted only after finishing one beer (men), small beer or wine (ladies). In case you have an abstainer in your team, they can drink non alcoholic drinks. If you're not successful you get 15 mins penalty.
⭐⭐At every stop you can get time bonus 7,5 or 15 mins in tasks (will be taken off in final counting). In station will be at least one judge (Buddy).
⭐⭐Vomiting is FORBIDDEN (penalty is 10 mins)
⚠⚠There is a special reward for every member of the winning team. ⚠⚠

So let's be first!

03/03/2016 - 20:00
České Budějovice, South Bohemian Region