Last year we started a project focused on students teaching other students. It is called Language Courses and it brings exotic foreign languages to our school - in the past we had people teaching anything from Czech and Spanish all the way to Vietnamese and Korean.

This semester we decided to continue with this tradition and now that we finally pulled everything together we are proudly announcing that we can finally start it. If you are a student of our school, an exchange student, or just a random person from the outside willing to learn something new, you are welcome to join any of the classes - this semester we have teachers for Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish. They will explain the basics of grammar and also some useful phrases. We also provide the option for everyone to join classes of English conversation - with English being the universal language these days, it is important for everyone to expand and improve their knowledge of this language. We will try to provide that as well.

All the classes are completely voluntary, there will be no official grading and also, most importantly for some, the classes are FREE. 

Come join us, the schedule is included in this post.